Thursday, July 29, 2010

Husker Day!

If you aren't from Nebraska or do not follow Nebraska sports...this post will mean nothing to you. You won't get it. For those of you who "get it"...enjoy looking at the photos!:) Today we went on a tour of Memorial Stadium and part of the Husker Football complex. I went to college at UNL, walked past this stadium several times, have attended several football games, but have never been inside to see where everything happens. My friend Nancy arranged a tour and quiet a few of our friends came with their kids. Enjoy looking at the photos!

Outside the Tom Osborne Building-- a Statue of the late Brook Berringer and Tom Osborne
Inside the complexOur 3 Heisman winnersOur 5 National Championship trophiesThe student gym facility
Pounding the rock before we take the field

Katelyn & Jocelyn playing in the sand on the sand volleyball court
Our group taking the field
Katelyn & Easton running the field

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  1. How wonderful! That would be so much fun (probably more for my husband than my kids LOL). I love Memorial Stadium!