Tuesday, January 22, 2013

90 day challenge!

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 This has been on my mind lately...and I am finally doing something about it...reading the Bible...from Genesis-Revelation.  As the kids are learning more and more in school...and asking me more and more questions...I am realizing I am not prepared to answer some of these questions.  Granted I am not going to memorize the Bible by reading it in it's entirety, but I will have a leg up:)  I know many people rely on just going to church and listening to what their preacher/pastor (or whatever you call the man preaching up front) is saying.  But let me tell you...you are so missing out.  I am only through the first 30 chapters of Genesis and I have learned quiet a bit...that I am sure I have heard before...but do not remember.

This program takes only 90 days with 2 free days.  On our Facebook page I have posted several things such as a schedule and where you can go to purchase a Bible..  I will also try to post each days reading right when I wake up.

So join me...it isn't too late (you get two freebie days)!  I have 4 little ones that I homeschool and am gearing up to train for a half-marathon.  If I can find time...you surely can too!

There are also many aps out there that will read the Bible to you!  My mom is legally blind and is listening to the Bible.  I know there are 3 other gals listening to it as well!

To join our Facebook group for more info:  HERE

(you will have to ask to join...but I will accept whoever wants to join)

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