Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Girls' bedroom make-over complete!!!

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas in my head....well not sometimes...I pretty much always have crazy ideas in my head...but anyways...I had this crazy idea to paint the girls' room.  I wanted to do something fun.  I wanted to scrap their nursery colors....it was originally painted for Katelyn when she was a baby.  So I headed to the local hardware store...with not a clue as to what I was going to do.  Sean nixed my idea of stripes...saying it would look like a circus had come to town.  Unfortunately, once I looked at the color samples at the store...I decided to go against what my husband said...sorry Sean...I know we should listen to our husbands...but I truly felt that he was wrong....and he was! 

The before pictures were an after thought.  But you get the idea.  I have never really liked the green.


Sneak peak of after:
And then there was the carpet.  Make me want to throw-up green. Who on earth would put green carpet down?  I have no clue.  The original owners also had purple walls in their living. Bad color choice.  Anyways, Sean and I have been talking about getting new carpet in the kids' room, hallway and up the main stairs for quiet some time...and we finally took the plunge.  So glad we did.  What a difference it has made!! 

Here are some after pictures of the kids' rooms.

The girls no longer wanted to bunk.  I am ok with that.  Even though it eats up a majority of their room...but they have a toy room attached to their bedroom via a closet...so it is all good.  The fun part about this arrangement is Jocelyn's bed is still pretty high off the ground so they made a little doll village underneath her bed. 
We had to move their dresser to a different wall.  Sean made a little rack for the girls' to hang their AG doll clothes on.  Pinterest idea!! Woohoo!  I also purchased a fun alarm clock for them.
The girls painted some art work.

and we hung them...along with an 8 x 10 of the girls and some pretty 3D flower mirrors from Target! 

This is Katelyn's bed.  I updated their photo collage.

 Their closet seems to be a work in progress.  But here is one view of their clothes.
 and another view.
and Sean found this on my consignment page...a lock box.  The boys are not to be trusted...so we got this so the girls could double lock their stuff.  I bought a smaller one at Target for the toothpaste.

This room will be clean for approximately 2 minutes.

Gotta show off my boys rooms too!  Look how nice the new carpet looks!

Eventually the boys will get the girls' bunk and we will get pretty beds for the girls...but they are so not ready for bunks.  Dangerous! 
I turned a little bookshelf that was once in their closet, on its side and put their alarm clock on it.
 and another shot of the other side of their room.  Notice their room is almost bare.  They have toys....but things either get taken apart...moved for step ladders....or broken...so their room is almost bare.  They are busy.busy.busy little boys!

and this will be clean for 1 second.

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