Monday, January 7, 2013

Jocelyn's baptism!

If you are a Facebook friend...I am sure I have overwhelmed you with Jocelyn's baptism.  Pictures....invites to come...videos...It is kind of a big deal for us that our first has gotten baptized.  I announced it:  HERE

So here is a recap of the morning!

(Thanks Reece for photographing it!!)

Sean spoke a bit about Jocelyn.  No he isn't ordained...or an official pastor.  We don't have titles at our church.  I have gotten a lot of questions about Sean baptizing her.  The Bible says nothing about who can baptize someone else except  that it only shows people that are believers baptizing others. 
Then Jocelyn shared her testimony.
Then Sean baptized her:)

and here is the video.  I can hear it pretty well on my phone...but I don't think it transferred very well.
Translation:  Sean was talking about how this was a big deal for us since she is our she has a profession of faith for a few years now, has matured in her faith, and has asked to be baptized.  
Jocelyn says:  That she believes that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Thanks to my aunt Nan and parents for attending!!

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