Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homeschooling-- a few things we do around here!

Hey all!  I haven't posted a homeschool post in a while.  Don't fret!  We have been doing school here.  Still love it!  I wanted to share with a you a few activities that we have done around here in the past few months.  The nice thing about homeschooling is that it doesn't require you to buy any extras.  You can use what you already have around the house....sometimes just a piece of computer paper and a crayon can get the job done.  A dry erase marker is always fun for the little ones instead of just using a pencil.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on extras to teach the basics!

Easton is pretty easy to please when it comes to school.
He is working on writing his numbers so I used a piece of computer paper-- lightly wrote the numbers and made some outlined numbers.  He traced these!  Easy peasy!

 I found a set of alphabet stamps at Target for $1.00 (during back to school days).  I write words down and Easton stamps the words out.
 I use little wooden hearts that have numbers on them...he matches them to the numbers on the board.
We played a game where each kid took turns drawing a card and whatever number was on that card they received that many cubes.  The person who reached 100 first won!  You don't have to have counting can use pennies, pieces of paper...whatever you have a lot of...especially if you are playing against 3 kiddos!

I put a price tag on our morning snacks.  I gave each child 25 pennies.  They had to use their problem solving skills to figure out how many cookies etc they could purchase....or did they want to go for the gusto and just get one larger item.  We have done this several times...and it is always a hit!
You don't need fancy smanchy store bought charts...I made my own verb chart and the girls brainstormed the verbs.

Sometimes it is OK to not do a page in a workbook.  I made up a paragraph and the girls took turns circling the verbs.

 I made little flash cards with several adjectives and the girls went around finding objects that matched their word.
You can't see what is on the slips of paper because they are turned over, but Jocelyn wrote the girls' new Spanish words and we cut them out so they could play a matching game.  Their goal was to match the English word with the Spanish word.

 They then took the Spanish cards and matched them up to objects around the room....if you look closely you will see the word "leer" which means "to read" in English.  Jocelyn put it on their Spanish book.  Katelyn thought my new phone cover was "bonita" which means "pretty" in English.  I have to agree!

 Well that is all I have for now!   Be creative! Use what you have around the house and go from there!

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