Thursday, January 10, 2013

Talk about yummy!

These last few weeks have been pretty good in the kitchen for our family!  It helps when I sit down and make a grocery we don't just eat the same ole' thing around here.  My husband doesn't like mush, so the typical casserole is out.  He is definitely a meat and potato kind of guy.  So a lot of times I will show him a recipe to ask him if it is of interest....sometimes I surprise I did with these recipes.  I worry like crazy when it is something new...but guess what they all recipes two thumbs up!!

Pinterest has been a huge help for me.  Why aren't you on Pinterest yet?  All of these recipes I found on Pinterest.  The pictures are NOT mine and I will note where I got them.  Click on the titles for the links to the recipes.

1.  Alfredo grilled chicken pizza.
Picture from Six Sisters
I am not a fan of alfredo sauce.  It pretty much makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  However my family is and I was going to be a trooper.  I left out the green peppers...and!  It was a HUGE hit for us!

2.  Chicken Tacos

My mouth waters when I think about this meal.  Luckily there were plenty of leftovers and I had both lunch & dinner for mwaw for the next day!:)  My husband and oldest LOVED this as well.  My husband started naming off other recipes where this chicken taco mix would work in.  Can't wait to make it again.  I used a jar of chunky salsa with black beans and corn...for Target.

3.  Cream cheese chili
Picture from Six Sisters Stuff
I was a bit worried that this would not go over well.  It is probably classified under the "mush" category.  I served it was tortilla chips...and all I can say is WOW!  Anything easy peasy is for me!

4.  Peanut Butter Eclair
Picture from Plain Chicken
A few friends suggested that I make these for church....melt in your mouth...can I eat the entire dish??  So easy!

5.  Vanilla Eclair
Picture from the Country
Another variation-- easier than the previous one and oh so yummy as well!

6.  M & M cookies
Picture from Damdelicious
I made this on a whim one day...and I could have eaten all 24 of them...I didn't...don't worry.  But between Sean and I we probably ate over 1/2...left a few for the kids and Weston helped himself to a few during his normal morning rummaging through the cabinets.  These were amazing!

Hope you get a chance to try one of these!!!


  1. Um... Those M&M cookies look fantastic! Is that recipe on Pinterest or is it just like a chocolate chip cookie?

    1. Click on the title in the post (#6) and you can get the recipe. I also pinned it on Pinterest!:)