Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 fun homeschooling activities!

If you know me...I don't plan our days out very well.  Most of the time I think of things on the spot.  Don't ask me what we are doing tomorrow...I most likely haven't finalized our plans in my head.

Here are a few last minute things that I came up with over the past few weeks! 

1.  Egg hunt. 

We don't do the Easter bunny or hide eggs for Easter or anything, but we have a ton of spare eggs sitting in our garage.  Last year I hid money throughout the yard and in the woods.  The girls found the eggs and had to count how much money were in all of their eggs.

This year I hid them throughout the house with numbers 1, 2, & 3 in each egg.  I left some empty.  After they found the eggs, they took turns opening up the eggs and the higher the number the harder the question.  They really enjoyed this activity.

2.  Stamps!

What kid doesn't like stamps?  I found these alphabet stamps in the dollar spot at Target a few years ago. 

I am doing a new thing with Kate.  She moved up to 2nd grade spelling in January and has whizzed through her pretests.  My rule has always been if you get 100% on your are done with spelling for the week.  It hit me...after getting a 100% on 8 out of 10 pretests that the words were too easy for her and we need to step it up a notch.  I went through her spelling lists and picked out the harder words.  Every other day she has 5 new "hard" words and then we do an activity with her harder words that day and then the next day.  For this list, she missed 4 words and the activity was to stamp out the words.  I then tested her a bit later to see if she has memorized the words.
 I had Jocelyn do the same thing with her spelling list.  Even at 7 they like to stamp!

3.  Stickers!

We have a lot of stickers around here...and I was coming up short on what we could do with all of these stickers.  So I wrote out the numbers 1-10 for Easton and he had to stick the appropriate amount of stickers next to each number.
Weston got in on the fun too!
4.  Paint!

My kids love to paint!  It gets a bit messy...but cleans up nicely when they are done!  The girls have to write about something every day.  Today they wrote about castles and then each painted a castle picture. 
The boys...not sure what they made...but I of course thought their pictures were lovely:)
5.  Hodge Podge craft day!

My kids were a bit confused by this...but once I explained the directions...they got excited.  I scattered a whole bunch of random things on the table and they had to come up with something fun to make. 

Katelyn made a "Go Mom" sign for my upcoming 1/2 marathon....note to self...get her real poster paper.  Not sure her sign will cut it for the big day...but it was cute.

Jocelyn made a few trinkets for her AG dolls like a jewelry box and pillows out of felt.

Easton decorated a plastic container and Wes just liked playing with scissors and glue!
I hope you are having fun with your kiddos...whether you homeschool or not!:)

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