Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tagging Butteflies....who knew?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  This has been a busy week with getting our house on the market...leaving for showings...and searching for a new house.  We have a contract on our house and we found a new house!  Long week, but very productive!  I will share with you more about our new house sometime this week!

Earlier this month we ventured to Aurora, Nebraska.  My friend Rebecca has lived there for over a year now, and don't ask me why, but we have never been to this cute little town.  It is only a mere 50 minutes away from our current home.

We signed up to attend a homeschool class about butterflies at the Edgerton Science Center.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was well worth going. 

The kids learned about monarch butterflies.  They are a fascinating little creatures.  Did you know that scientists actually tag them and others find these tagged butterflies so they can track where they migrate to?  Craziness!

The kids job that afternoon was to catch some monarch butterflies and then the teacher would tag them and send them off.  Unfortunately there were only a few butterflies caught during this VERY HOT adventure.  My kids were a bit bummed, but maybe the butterflies were all scared from all of the kiddos hunting around.
Before we headed out to the prairie...the teacher showing everyone how to tag the butterfly.
Our kids hunting!

The teacher looking up the type of butterfly that he found.
The kids also gathered seeds and put them in buckets.  These seeds would then be planted to grow new prairies.

Such a fun, fun afternoon.  I also met some new moms that live in the area where we will be moving too!

For more information on what homeschool classes are offered at this museum you can click: HERE!  It is worth the drive if you are looking for a fun opportunity for your kiddos!

We visited the museum again a few days later and had a ton of fun exploring the exhibits!  I will share more about that tomorrow!

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