Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordy Wednesday....

A lot has been going on in our neck of the this post is just some random happenings...which no one will find new if you follow me on facebook....

1.  My life in the past few weeks consists of, school, yard work.  Cleaning, school, yard work.  Cleaning, school, yard work.  Ok, I have thrown in a little variety here and their, but that pretty much sums up the last few weeks.  With 4 kiddos and 40 fingers and 40 toes things get messy fast.  For example, I cleaned the entire house...again today and I just finished washing the windows...and I see my 6 year old just standing there making finger art on our back patio door...I probably went way overboard bizerk...but really??  I know she didn't mean to smear up the door, but she could have found another extra curricular activity don't ya think.

2.  Yard work.  Why on earth could I have not gotten my rear in gear and cleaned up our outside at the beginning of the summer...say Springtime?  I am now waiting until crunch time to get some well needed yard work done.  My husband is typically the keeper of the yard and does a pretty good job when he has time.  He has just been plain busy though.  And why on earth do we NOT own a power washer yet?  You should have seen me standing around for like 10 hours hosing down our back driveway last night.  Seriously...I am sure it was quiet comical. But it looks nice...until the kids are turned loose...which they are not allowed to go outside today...baths early and lots of TV watching today.  I am trying to contain them a bit.

3.  School.  I love homeschooling my kiddos.  Love it.  You should come along with us out in public during the day sometimes.  It is usually a hoot!  We were all around town last week and had quiet a few conversations about why my kids were not in school.  Were they all sick??  We must be out of towners since they weren't in school.  Do they like their new teacher this year?  You should have seen the looks they gave me when they were asked that.  I had to encourage them to say YES you do LOVE your teacher this year....since it was ME!!  Duh?!  That should have been a no brainer.  My kids handle the homeschooling questions quiet well and most love hearing about our little school life.  We rarely come across a negative response least in person.

4.  Starting our journey westward.  No we do not have a new house yet.  No we haven't started our house hunt yet.  We are hopefully going to get our current house listed before the weekend starts and praying that it sells fast.  I am gearing up for a weekend of a million showings.  We shall see.  It would be nice to have at least one to make me feel that all of this immediate work has paid off.  I just know that if someone who is in the market for a house comes to visit...they will fall in love.

Back to our journey westward....the kids are starting a class at the Science Center about an hour west of here tomorrow!  I am super duper excited because a friend will be there with her kids.  She moved out that direction last year and we will soon be closer to her!  Yay!  AND next week I am hoping to go to a Mom's Night Out with a new co-op group that we are joining.  Can you say...I am extra super duper excited.  This will be a well needed night out for me.   Even if it is just a night a church listening to homeschool veteran mamas! I just hope the hubs can be around to watch the kiddos.  Another friend from my old MOPS group is going to be there too!

5.  Potty training.  I hate it.  Enough said.  I have tried this maybe like 500 times with my littles.  Now is just about the worst time to be starting it again.  I think it is all me and the lack of consistency.  But I still just hate it.

6.  My hubs.  Started his new job.  Finally.  He is on info overload, but had a good first day yesterday.  I miss him.  He leaves before we get up and gets home right before the kids are heading to bed.  He is already off to some weekend event, so he is excited.  Can't wait until we are back to normal.

Well a poopy child is calling my name....loveliness...did I tell you how much I hate potty training?

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