Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sporting a new top from Ellie!

I haven't been able to run in over a!  My IT band has been stubborn and my chiropractor has been working on fixing me all up for an upcoming relay!  He finally suggested that I get back to running and I was so excited that I could try out my new top from Ellie.  If you remember reading my post about Ellie  (HERE), I have been selected to be an Ellie Ambassador!  My readers are eligible for 20% off their first purchase from Ellie by clicking on the link at the right hand column on my blog or at the bottom of this post!

I received a third piece from Ellie and I absolutely loved it!  I picked out the Virgin Islands top. The first night that I tried it out, was pretty muggy, but that didn't matter!  The top is made out of moisture wicking, mesh-like, pre-shrunk fabric.  I wasn't wet and sweaty after my run!

Sorry about the poor lighting and wonderful hair do...I ran in the late evening!

I LOVE the back!
 It also had a two-tone blue striped built in bra.  Usually bras that are built into workout clothes, do not give me enough support while running, however this one was great!  I didn't find the need to wear an extra sports bra underneath. 
The side as well...great for air flow!
 Besides the functionality of the top, I loved the look! 

Ellie comes out with a new line of products every month.  Once the item is sold is sold out for good!  So if you see something you like, don't wait long to purchase it, because when you go back the next may be long gone! 

20 percent of Ellie

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