Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread House Party!

Today was a very exciting day for the kiddos. Actually I am not sure who was more or the kids? That is definitely a toss up! A gal from our co-op owns a cafe about 75 miles south of us in Nelson, Nebraska. She was gracious enough to host our group for a gingerbread house party. She baked all weekend, made a ton of frosting, and we all brought different candies for decorations. All of the kids got to make a "real" gingerbread house or graham cracker house. It was so much fun seeing how creative all of the kids were!

The younger kids displaying their houses!
Jocelyn building her house!
Me supervising my boys!
I helped him construct the house, but he decorated it on his own. I was quiet impressed!
He was really proud of his creation!
I didn't get a close up of hers...but it was really cool. She kept adding to it after this!

I am really grateful that we joined this co-op and have surrounded ourselves with a great group of Believers!


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