Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 highlights from this past year!! (part 1)

I blog because I don't scrapbook...and quiet frankly this is a lot cheaper and easier to do!  I like looking back at things that I do with the kids and family...and hopefully in the future my kids will do the same.

 Looking back at 2013 I realized we had a really busy, yet good year!  Today and tomorrow I will be sharing the top 10 highlights from our little family from this past year!  I will also include links from where I wrote about these events! These are in order in which they happened.

Hope you had a great 2013 and Happy New Year!!

1.  Jocelyn's baptism!

Last January Jocelyn got baptized!  It was such a special, special thing!  The Bible says that once you believe in him (the Lord Jesus Christ) that he died on the cross for our sins and rose GRACE we have been saved through FAITH...we will be saved!  Jocelyn believes this...and gets according to the Bible once she believes this she should be saved!  Even though I am not going in order of my top 10 highlights...this is pretty much the biggest highlight of the year!

You can read about it:  HERE and HERE!

2.  Skiing with Sean!
 This past winter Sean and I took up snow skiing!  We still have a lot of learning to do this year, but we started off by taking lessons at a hill in Iowa.  We went on a little weekend trip to the Vail, Colorado area and had such a good time....without kids! 

You can read about it:  HERE!

3.  My first half marathon!

I completed my first half marathon in May!  I am hoping to do the same one this next spring-- the Lincoln 1/2 marathon.  My knee is struggling please pray that it will miraculously heal itself!

You can read about it:  HERE!

4.  This can jump in just about anywhere-- but homeschooling!

I just absolutely love being able to teach my kids what I want and be able to do it at our own pace!  I have a million posts about what we do here...but that is for sure on my highlights list!
5.  Family time!

We love to spend time with our families.  Most of Sean's family lives down in Southern Missouri.  It is important to us to have our kids (and ourselves) visit as often as we can and hopefully in the future when they grow up the bond will be strong.  Friends tend to come and go...but family will be around for ever.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post of the rest of my highlights from this past year!!

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