Monday, December 9, 2013

Staying busy...having fun!

There are so many new things that I want our kids to try out here in Grand Island and surrounding communities....that is almost overwhelming at times to think about.  But...I have to be patient...the weather is cold now....actually FRIGID right now, so some things will just have to wait.

I hadn't heard any good or bad reviews about The Central Nebraska Children's Museum in Hastings, NE.  When I asked local friends no one really knew anything about it.  I kind of got blank stares.  Like huh?  There is a museum?  Say what?  I thought I would take the kids there on a negative million degree day.  We got to where the website said it was...and it was a ghost town.  It was supposed to be in a mall.  We walked in and it was like a scene from a bad dream or signs hanging, trees decorated, Christmas music playing...but nothing was open and the stores were all empty.  So creepy.  We were all a bit confused.  We kept walking a bit and saw there was hope!  A nail salon and Herbergers department store were open!  We kept walking and saw the sign for the museum...but the doors were locked and a lovely little sign saying we needed to use the outside entrance.  Seriously?  Do they know how cold it is outside?

So we made it to the museum...finally.  We walked in and it is completely empty except for a few kids that were in a preschool class.  I kind of looked around and thought...what was I thinking?  Jocelyn my oldest was thinking the same thing.  I apologized to her and said we will have fun for the boys...let's just make the most of it.  Well we were both wrong...I guess love at first sight wasn't happening for this place...but in the end, when it was time to go, my kids were begging to stay a bit longer. They had such a good time at this museum and we ended up buying a one year membership.  If we go 1 1/2 more times it will be paid for! 

The stations were a bit outdated in terms of how old/new the toys were.  I guess were used the newness of the museums in Lincoln and Omaha.  It was in one big area, so it was easy to keep track of the little ones playing at different stations.  There were all sorts of stations such as a mini ice skating rink, a tee-pee, dress-up area, world geography, music, bakery, pizza place, construction zone, train stations, art, and a grocery store.  My kids had such a good time!  We can't wait to go back!

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