Monday, December 2, 2013

My busy little bees and a giveaway!!!

Jocelyn and Katelyn have been asking to get a rainbow loom for quiet some time now.  One of their good friends from church has one...and it just looked like so much fun to them.  My only thought no...I really don't want to be seeing little rubberband thingies all over the house.

My sister asked me what she could get the girls for a gift and I took a deep breathe and said they would really like a rainbow loom....and the rest is history.  She bought them something similar to the "official" rainbow loom brand and we have rubberbands coming out of our ears.  But that is ok, it is for a good cause and for their new little business! 

Their specialty if a fishtail design and they have 15 different color options to work with.  If you would like to purchase 1 or more of these little bracelets (pictured below), please send me an e-mail and I will send it on to them!

Prices are:  1 for $3.00; 2 for $5.00; and 5 for $10.00

They can also ship for only $.75! You can send a check through the mail; pay through Paypal, or pay in person with cash.

For the month of December they are donating part of their proceeds to help fill up the  rice bowls that they received from their Wednesday night church class.  

These would make great little stocking stuffers for your little ones or grandkids!

Thank you to those who already sent your orders over!  They are busy little bracelet maker I type this! you want to win a bracelet!!??  

Go to my Giggles and Gumballs facebook page.  Find this post and share it!  Once you have shared it, put a little comment in the comments section (under my facebook post).  A winner will be selected randomly at 8PM CST on Thursday, December 5th!  You will need to "like" my page before commenting!  Thanks for sharing!!

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