Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo!! I love FREE events!

We had this weekend marked on our calendar for quiet some time...because it was FREE...stuff that our kids are interested in...and not to far away from our house...Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Expo at Fort Kearney!

We were not by any means prepared for this all day event....kind of thinking it would be a rinky dinky affair and we would be in and out in a hurry....well it is an all day kind of thing and we couldn't fit in all of the fun activities.

I would highly recommend going with your kiddos next year...even if you are a few hours away. Your kids will have so much fun and will start the countdown to go again next year like our kids are already doing!


Creature feature!

Bow fishing:

Turkey calls:



Air rifle:

Camping games:


Rock climbing:

My favorite people:

We missed out quiet a bit--bounce houses, demonstrations, and so much more! Hope we can go next year!


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