Monday, May 12, 2014

Say a little...or big prayer for me if you will!

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow (Tuesday, May 13th at 8:30AM). I know many do not understand and are not supportive of my decision, but I am having a small surgical procedure tomorrow to remove a lodged kidney stone. I first had a ct-scan a few weeks ago and it showed a 5mm stone lodged in my left ureter tube. A tube that connects my left kidney to the rest of things. Kidneys are pretty important and having something lodged there...not so good. I then had an x-ray last Wednesday that showed this stone still lodged and then another ct-scan on Thursday to confirm the x-ray...kind of annoying doing both, but it is what it is. The ct-scan confirms that this stone ain't going anywhere and things are inflamed which is not good. If you go 6 weeks having it lodged in there...the kidney starts getting damaged and it is not repairable. Fun stuff.

So anywho...please say a little prayer for me for a few reasons...

I am not thrilled that I am having to be put to sleep for this. I have been two times before...getting my wisdom teeth out and after I delivered Easton. Both were not fun. I don't like not knowing what is going on and totally void of my surroundings.

Please pray for as I might be at the hospital alone during the surgery. I am a bit scared about that. Sean is booked like crazy this week, so hopefully he will be able to be there...If not the hospital people better remember to call him when I am done.

Please pray for an easy recovery. I am having my long awaited garage sale on Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday and would prefer to be present at it and fully functional.

Thank you to all my friends and husband who have watched our kids while I went to appointments...Mary, Christina, Julie, Sean, and mom. Means a lot to me!



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  1. Oh Julie! I wish I lived closer; I would come sit with you at the hospital. But while I'm here, I will pray for you!

    Father, please be with my friend as she has this procedure done. Give her Your comfort and peace while giving the doctors and staff discernment, wisdom, and precision.