Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Track meet 2014!

Last year our three oldest kids particpated in track meet for homeschoolers. They enjoy tracky-type activites...even though they aren't the best at it compared to other kids. This year the meet landed on Memorial Day weekend and is a good 3 hours plus away since we moved. So not really possible unless we devoted an entire weekend to it. Lucky for us, our local community has a few Christian Schools that put together a track and field day...and are nice enough to invite homeschoolers...and it is over in 3 hours! Woot! A bonus for all of us!

The events were a bit different than the other meet. This one had a softball throw, long jump, soccer kick, jump rope, sack race, shuttle run, and regular track races.

Jocelyn and Kate were old enough to particpate and had such a good time at this one. They can not wait until next year. Sean was at work so he missed out on all of the excitement, so I tried to capture as many pics of our girls as possible...and thankful for two other friends who were snapping away!

They didn't have time to do an official awards session because the school kids needed to get back to their own schools, but the girls received their ribbons in the mail...and did pretty good! A few first place finishes, second and so on:)

The boys were there...I swear but I got zero pictures of them. Hmmm.



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