Monday, May 19, 2014

Stuhr Museum--add it your bucket list!!

You know that place that you drive by everyday and of these days we will go...but kind of too scared to go because of the unknown....not sure if the kids would like it. Not sure really what it is. Just not sure of anything in general.

Well we visited that place today! A friend of mine coordinated a field trip for a group of local homeschoolers and I am so glad she did! The Stuhr Museum in Grand Island is a must go to place with your add it to your bucket list right now. Plan an entire day to go...and make sure it is a semi-cool day. I can't imagine going when it is super hot.

Today was the perfect day to go...lower 80's and a nice breeze. We only visited one section of the grounds. Totally fine though, we stayed entertained and can not wait to go back. They have several events over the course of the year, so we bought a membership so can go back as many times as we want. They also have classes for homeschoolers during the school year!

So what is the Stuhr Museum? It is a collection of things from the Prairie Pioneer days. Like real houses with furniture...there are even real people in the houses pretending to be a person from that era. You can ask them questions about their life and they always stay in character.

They also had the businesses that were around during this period, like a hardware store, bank, school, shoe shop, post office, a mercantile store, jail, barber shop, and a cafe with yummy food and ice cream!

There was a small school and church as well! Can not wait to go back!



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