Monday, July 26, 2010

Company party! So proud of my hubby!

Last year Sean thought it would be a nice thing to have a company picnic for his employees and families. His HR lady was all about it and took charge and planned the event. It was horrible. The food was horrible. The chicken was so dry you could barely eat it. The gal served our food and made sure she pointed out that we were only allowed 1 scoop of salad, one cookie etc. In the end there was tons of extras and people sat around bored. Only about 40 people came-- I guess they knew what to expect...Sean didn't. Good thing Sean brought his water balloon slinger...that was the only entertainment. So this year, Sean took it upon himself to start his own committee and run the show. Thank goodness!!! It was so much fun! He rented bounce houses, a cotton candy machine, had water balloons, and a snow cone machine. He organized different adult games, had music going, and had drawings for gift cards. He also made sure there was plenty of "edible" food--enough that people could take a carry out container home. I overheard several different families comment on the event and comparing it to past events. He is already thinking about next year and how he can improve things. Even though it was a lot of work for him...I was so proud it all came together. In the end we think at least 150 came! The girls gave him big thank you's when he came home that night...of course they want to go back...they think it is a permanent thing at his work:)

What kind of things do you expect to see or have liked at company parties that you have attended?

Here are a few pictures of the event!
Sean working the snow-cone machineSean working the cotton candy machine
Katelyn and Jocelyn enjoying the sweets!
The bounce houses!
Easton playing one of the games

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  1. that looks like a fabulous company picnic. It's been many years since I've been to one of those (my dad's when I was younger) but I don't remember them being so cool.