Monday, February 7, 2011

Gotta get your Groupon!

I am all about getting a good deal on products or services…who isn’t?  Last summer a friend introduced me to Groupons.  Groupons pairs up with local companies and offers a deal of the day for that company.  There is always a minimum number of people that have to buy the Groupon before it becomes a valid deal…hence the name “group” “on”.  Most of the time the deal is for 50% off or more.  You pay for the discounted price up front and then print out the coupon to use at the establishment. The Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star (two local newspapers) have also caught onto  the Groupon craze and offer daily deals which are sometimes just as good as a Groupon.  Between the daily deals and Groupons, here are a few examples of some of the great deals I have gotten:  (dollar amounts of the actual deal are not noted, but trust me…I saved quite a bit)

-I saved ½ off at the following locations: Barnes & Noble, Arby’s, Little King sandwich shop, 4 tickets to Coco Keys Water Park, 6 tickets to Pump it Up Bounce house, Bella Bump boutique, The GAP, Cold Stone Creamery, Studio 6 one hour massage, and Wee Cycle Kids Consignment Store.

- I saved 75% off a gift certificate to Picaboo a photo calendar and photo book website and the Dinosaur Museum  in Milford.

Can you see that I am a little addicted to Groupons?…however…these are places that I would normally shop at or find are too expensive to normally shop at or take our kids to…so I snagged them up.  

What has been your favorite Groupons or Daily Deals so far?  What would you like to see offered? 

 I am hoping to see Groupons to maybe the State Fair this summer or to other kid places in Lincoln like Lost in Fun or Ager Play Center.  

If you would like to check out Groupon and get an e-mail reminder every morning of the deal of the day, you can click on my referral link below.  You really are missing out!

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