Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is such a cold week!!!

This week was a really cold, snowy, and icy week.  We had plans to be away all week and I had nothing scheduled for school…but the cold, snow, and ice kept us inside.  I decided to celebrate the weather this week and focus on things that are cold—snow and ice!  Here are a few things that we did this week in school.  Oh and we had a bible verse…that really doesn’t have to do with the cold and snow, but I think it is pretty important, so I am going to include that in this blog post.

Day One:
 We read the story of Jacob and Esau in the Bible.  Great story and if you want to read it, we read:  Genesis 25: 19-34 and Genesis 27: 1-38.

The girls’ memory verse was:
Psalm 55:22:  Cast your cares to the Lord and he will sustain you (take care of you); and he will never let the righteous fall.

The girls learned it by listening to one of the Seed’s Famly Worship songs on You Tube.  We have all of the CD’s and LOVE them!  Check out Seed’s at: 

After we worked on our normal school things, we discussed ice and how it forms.  We then made popsicles with Koolaid and frozen cherries.  This was a nice snack to have and the kids enjoyed it…but it was really messy.  Oh well, nothing that can’t be cleaned up!    
We then had a discussion about how we could pick up an ice cube without touching it with our fingers.  The girls had some really good ideas such as using a spoon and tongs.  I then showed them a trick that if you put a piece of thread on the ice cube and then sprinkle salt on it, you can lift the ice cube up with the piece of thread.

We then ice skated in our living room.  We made skates with felt and I made a pretend arena with a rope.  Here is a video of the kiddos ice skating.  It was amazing how "icy" it was as Jocelyn fell several times.

Day Two:
We were stuck inside…again…so more ice and snow activities! 
I made colored ice cubes and we put the cubes in 6 glasses.  I then had the girls make their predictions of what colors would form when we mixed certain primary colors together.  The girls tied in their guesses and they enjoyed watching the ice melt into new colors.
The ice one= too much water...bottom one=nice and pretty!
We labeled each cup and the girls made their predictions
The results!  So pretty!
We then took these ice cubes and made a winter sun catcher.  You can get the recipe from the following Family Fun Magazine website:

Jocelyn's sun catcher
Katelyn's sun catcher
They turned out quiet well and look really pretty on our porch!

For snack we made tortilla snowflakes.  I wasn’t sure if the kids would like these, so I was prepared to just make them and then offer them an alternate snack, but they ended up enjoying them.  They turned out so pretty.  I also got this idea from the Family Fun Magazine at:

Day 3:
Today we talked about how ice melts.  The girls were challenged to find ways to melt an ice cube with a plastic Christmas light in it.  They were pretty creative.  They held it up to the lights, put it next to the heat vent, the warm dryer, put blankets on it.  Jocelyn was the big winner of this activity!

The kids then made mittens.
and then we made homemade chocolate ice cream out of snow, milk, sugar, and quick chocolate powder.  It was surprisingly really, really, really good! 

 and that wraps up our week studying about things that are cold!

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  1. Love the ice ideas!! Especially the winter sun catchers, so pretty. :)