Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What to do with all of the crafts, pictures, and trinkets?

My girls love to do arts and craft activities.  They love to color pictures, paint, and make things.  I was such a good mom when Jocelyn was little.  I made a little binder with all of her first pictures that she drew.  I kept all of her little things that she made and then when Katelyn came along it all went down hill from there.  How on earth was I supposed to keep everything.  I felt horrible for tossing things away and I would often have to sneak things to the trash...of course after displaying them proudly for a few days on the fridge, window, or in their toy room. The girls get so devastated when they see their things in the trash.  I often encourage them to give pictures to friends, my parents, our mail lady, or send them away to family members (I know you all love it:)) Considering now that I will have works of art from four little ones...that will become quiet a few things to try to hold on to.  So what to do?  Take pictures!!!  Ok, I know that isn't the same, but think about it...it takes up less space, they can't rip or fade (digital ones), and I won't have a ton of totes or binders full of things.  Also I have this wonderful blog for everyone to see (ok my mom is probably the only one who cares....or pretends to...thanks mom!)  Now what to do with the huge tote that sits in our garage of all the wonderful things my mom saved for me that I made when I was little...to look at, to show my kids one day....that gathers dust, gets other totes piled on, and is now buried I can't even begin to tell you what tote their in...I should probably take pictures of my old things and toss it out.  Here are some pictures of a few of my girls' things...
(disclaimer....some things I have kept)

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