Monday, November 5, 2012

A few "more" things we have been doing around here!

It has been a while since I posted what we have been up to in regards to homeschooling.  We have been busy...between the RV trip of a lifetime to starting activities to field trips with our homeschool group...we have been busy.  The nice part is that we can fit homeschooling in between these activities.  We can do a little bit in the morning and little bit in the afternoon...whenever we are home.  We can even do it while we are out and about.

Here are a few little activities that the kids have worked on:

The kids made fall trees with their hands and finger prints:)
Easton has started putting words together.  I had him use magnets for the activity.  He had to spell out the words on the flashcards.
 He is still practicing his name.
 He was working on counting tcubes to match up with the numbers on the board.
Katelyn (not pictured) did an activity where she counted how many rolls it took to get the 20.  Great addition activity.
The girls having a "time" competition.  I call out a time and they get a point if they can position their clocks to the correct time.
The girls did a Science experiment to see what type of element will make a penny shiny.
I can't remember what the results were...I think it was vinegar and salt...but they enjoyed the activity.
Weston fishing...
 and doing a puzzle.
We have been going through Genesis...the kids were painting a picture of what they thought Joseph's coat of many colors looked like...and then building towers...very similar to the Tower of Babel in the Bible....well maybe a little shorter than what the real one looked like.

We had a trivia contest...I asked the kids random questions relating to their school work.  If they got it right they got a point and then they could shoot a nerf bullet at the window to receive more points.  Only Easton was able to make a shot.

We did quiet a few activities we are at a local nature center...the kids dug in the dirt....
 and we hiked.
Here we are on another hike near the Platte River.

Hope your kids are having a good school home school or in public/private school!  Can you believe the school year is almost 1/2 way over!!!

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