Monday, November 26, 2012


A few weeks ago I just about lost it. 

We let the kids watch their morning Sean and I can get a little extra shut-eye in the morning....the girls were in such a zone that the baby wiped poop all over the carpet...right in front of them.  I don't expect them to babysit, but when someone is damaging property...I expect them to report it.  There were a few other things that set me over the edge that morning so I declared that we were unplugged. 

There would be no iPad, computer, or TV unless it was for school or we were watching something as a family such as a movie.  They could still watch their DVD's in the car...the car has been so peaceful since we upgraded to the minivan.

The kids didn't really watch very much during the day.  A program or two in the morning, depending on what time they got up and then something after naptime.  I would occasionally let them watch something right after lunch while I was cleaning up. On the weekends it would get a bit carried away.  Sean is usually gone all morning riding his bike and then I am gone in the afternoon the TV was on most of the day. 

I realized...not just because of the poop incident...that we just don't need the TV or electronics to survive.  They have plenty of toys.  Toys to the point that I just want to throw up.  They have plenty of games.  Puzzles.  Artsy type things.  Crayons and coloring books.  They have each other. 

I have several friends that don't even have TV's in their house.  They have survived.  

Has it been a bed of roses here since we have unplugged? 

No.  Not at all.  I don't really get quiet all until the kids go to bed or if I am at the Y.

It is a lot noisier here.  I guess the good thing is they are playing with their mountains of toys...makes me want to throw up just a little less. 

It is A LOT messier here.  I can no longer use the TV as a bait...if your room isn't clean in such a such a time you can't watch TV.  Now I just take away snacks...we are going on two missed snacks in a row today...they will learn. 

But they are playing.  They aren't zoning out.  They aren't picking up bad habits from characters on TV.  They are surviving.

I don't know how long I will continue to have the kids unplugged...but so isn't that bad. 

I am many of you have your kids unplugged?  A friend gave me a good suggestion of turning everything back on at 4pm on Friday if things are finished up for the week.  That isn't such a bad idea...and I am considering it. 

Just curious as to what other do?

and here are a few photos from today....this was after the girls supposedly cleaned their what???  They must need their eyes checked.  I am tempted to get a trash bag and add it to the other trash bag full of toys in the garage...they haven't missed those toys...they surely won't miss these.
and now you will get a tour of their American Girl dolls room...there is a bathroom in the far right corner and a whole bunch of other hodge podge thrown about. 

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