Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dreams do come least for now....

For years now Jocelyn (our 7 year old) has been wanting a cat.  She adds it to my weekly grocery list almost every week.  The answer has always been no.  A cat will never live under our roof….ever.  My husband strongly dislikes everything that goes along with cats.  Sorry cat lovers….I know I have a lot of cat-loving friends and family.  Just personal preference I guess.  I lived with a cat during my college years.  It wasn’t mine and I didn’t have to do any of the cat maintenance of kitty litter etc.  I wasn’t too keen about the smell of the cat or the shedding.  Anyways…dogs are much better.  But we have a dog and even though she is quiet annoying most of the time…she is pretty precious when she is laying on the couch sleeping.

So last week our little neighbor boy carried a cat over to our house.  I guess this cat had been hanging out on our block for a few days.  We were out of town, so we missed all of that excitement.  I think he was maybe waiting for my cat-loving children to get back, because he knew they would scoop him up their arms and love him.  We then were out of town again….thinking surely this cat would be gone when we came back…but nope…it was still here.  I wasn’t sure what Sean would say when he came home, but I think once he saw this sweet little cat and how excited the kids were….he agreed that the cat could stay…unless we found its original owners.  I am sure our neighbors are thrilled. 

So right now the cat has a little bed on our back porch landing.  He actually sleeps in it.  Sean went out and bought some cat food and the girls have been taking pretty good care of it. 

There have been a lot of tears here as well.  I have warned the girls that this cat may have an owner appear and claim it.  I warned them, that the cat might move onto another family…since we are his second known caretaker in the neighborhood.  Jocelyn worries that the cat will get cold outside and freeze to death.  She also came to me crying because it was raining outside and how horrible it was that the cat has to be outside.  If no one claims this cat, Sean plans to build it a house and we will take it to the vet to get the proper shots.

So my little girls’ dreams have come true!

Meet Tiger Snowball Maxwell!

He is a pretty little thing.

Maggie has not calmed down yet...he knows this little booger is right outside...

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