Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: Wire Rings!

My cousin's wife Laura is a busy person.  She teaches high school English during the day.  Comes home to a bouncing little 1 year old boy and is expecting another little boy in a few months.  How she has time to make these cute little rings...I do not know...but she does it!

I am a huge supporter of people who start their own little home businesses.  I have tried doing my own little thing a time or two..who knows what is next?  I have no clue.

I wanted to share with you these cute little wire rings that she has started making....just in time for the holidays!!!

Think teacher gift.  Gift exchange for a small group.  Gift for your daughter/niece/wife/insert family member here.  Gift for you!

She has lot of different button color options available.

If you don't see one below, you can e-mail her with what you had in mind...color of buttons to color of wire to size....she will come up with a few options for you to select based on what you have suggested.

Wire options:  She works with 20 gauge wire in silver, gold, bronze, copper, black, and charcoal and for younger girls she has 24 gauge wire in pink, purple, or blue wire.

Custom ring prices:  For 2-3 buttons they are $10 per ring plus shipping.  If you supply the buttons it is $7 per ring plus shipping.

Shipping:  Add $2.00 to ring price...$1.00 for each additional ring.

E-mail Laura today to place your order!  

Her e-mail is:  laura.mcquinn {at} yahoo {dot} com

Here is what she currently has for sale.  E-mail her before your favorite sells!!
 From the left:  3 button pink, size 10 $7.  3 button-teal, size 8.5 $7.  2 button (stripes on dots), size 8-8.5 $5.  2 button (front-dots on stripes), size 8-8.5 $5.  3 button-red, size 7.5 $7.
All are $10. From left: orange bead/charcoal wire, size 6.5-7. Mustard bead/bronze wire, size 7.  Pink bead/charcoal wire, size 9 or 10. Red bead/ silver wire, size 9. Blue bead/charcoal wire, size 9. 

 All are $7. From left: black/cream size 5. Leopard button size 8. Maroon/ green size 7. Cream/maroon size 8.5-9. Gray/black size 9. 
 All are $7. From left: size 9,  size 6, size 8.5.
 All 3 are $5 each, size 8.5-9
 $7.  Size 9
Made for young girl. About a size 5. $7
 Thanks for looking!

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