Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making progress!

Back in February I wrote a LONG blog post about a few things that my husband and I have on our "would like to change about our house" wish lists.  You can visit this post:  HERE

Since February we have been busy checking things off!

Our kitchen:

Our cabinets were peeling big time....so my husband worked on our new cabinets for over a month.  He spent every night/day doing something new.  We bought unfinished doors and he stained them really dark. 

BEFORE:  (pic taken in 2009...I wasn't home when he started pulling cabinets off)

Peeling cabinets:

AFTER:  Love!

Lighting in our living room.  Dull.  Boring.



New school room walls.  Dull.  Boring....again.


 Walls painting in the main area and termite damage fixed!  Dull & Boring...catching a trend??

BEFORE:  Well at least part of it...

 I am currently working on the upstairs bathroom.  I have the walls painted and I am waiting for the new lighting to go up and then I can finish painting that final wall.  I can't wait...it is going to look so nice compared to what it looked like before.

We still need to replace a few more light fixtures in our kitchen...and then onto other household projects:)

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