Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting ready for the holidays!

Last year we did a Truth in the Tinsel project...where we studied the birth of Jesus and did crafts every day related to what we studied.  We didn't do that again this year.  I didn't have the time...nor the energy to do the extra crafty stuff every day.  We do did a few fun activities...found on Pinterest of course:)

This first one were ballerina snowflakes.  So pretty!
 These really cool (Large) snowflakes.  The pictures don't do justice.  You can get the tutorial over at my friend Erin's Blog:  At Home with the Boys! 
 Graham cracker houses.  Graham crackers...well duh!  Who has time to make gingerbread and cut them into pieces...or spend all of that money buying a kit...The kids really enjoyed this activity!  I think Weston's turned out the best...don't you:):)  He is so proud!

 Jocelyn's roof collapsed right after this picture....I think it may have been do to the overload of frosting on the roof.??

 The girls also made these cute little snowflakes....Easton made one in the childcare at church, but disassembled it in the car....
 The girls each made a snowman.  This is Katelyn's.
I had my own little fun with a group of friends.  We met at a Pottery Place in Omaha and had a well needed girls night out.  I made an ornament and put the kids' name on it.  So not artistic at all...but the kids loved it!

and there was a night out with my hubby!  His corporate work party was in New Jersey.  It was fancy smanchy with servers in tuxes delivering hors d'oeuvre (or however you spell it) to everyone....and it took forever to serve all of the was really nice though.  Here is our lovely pic right before we headed over there.

Isn't he handsome?:) 
I hope everyone has a nice, safe holiday season!!!!

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