Friday, December 14, 2012

Some firsts for our little family!

This year our little family have had many firsts!  Probably too many to post here...I don't want to bore you too bad....

Katelyn's first pretty in pink party invite.  Her little friend Bella turned 4!
The kids' first Valentine's Day party with our friends from our homeschooling co-op!
The kids' first visit to our State Capitol
 and our first circus!
The girls first visit to Disney World
The kids' first visit to Adventureland Them Park in Des Moines, IA
Our first hike through Pioneers Park-- just a few miles down the road....we have been so missing out!
My first 3k race....and first longest run....without stopping!
First visit with the kids to Mall of America in Minnesota
My first Color Run!
My first Mud Run!
The kids first visit to Washington DC
My first time running a 5k....without stopping!  This was a benefit run in Georgetown, a suburb of DC.
and first ocean visit for Easton & Weston
Our first visit to Chattanooga, Tennessee!
Our first visit to Arbor Farms in Nebraska, City!
The kids' first ride on a fire truck!
Easton's first friends party for his friend Jael!
 Our first visit to the Nebraska Dairy Store with friends!
and the tractor museum!
Our first time bowling with the entire family!
Our first cat!

I am sure we will have many more firsts...including Jocelyn getting baptized on January 6th!!  Can not wait!  I will write more about that later!!

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