Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weston's 2nd birthday party!

A few friends and family came over to my parents house to celebrate Weston's 2nd birthday.  My sister was in town, so that was nice that she could be with us.

If you know me....I love making cakes for my kiddos birthdays.  I kind of obsess over them really.  I choose the plan usually months in advance and slowly gather supplies throughout the planning process.  It really has to do with how cheap I am...don't want to spend the money on a cake....however when it is all said in done....I could have probably spend less money buying a regular cake from the store.  Oh well.  It is fun and the kids love it.

Weston is really into trains.  So I made this cake from him.  This idea was inspired from Pinterest and Betty Crocker.

I thought it turned out really well.  Weston was really excited about it.

Then right before the party it turned into this.  People still ate it.  I guess I should have labeled the box-- don't move...cake inside. 
Sean ran up to the store and we bought a substitution cake.
and Weston enjoying one of his birthday presents. 
here are my other cake creations of the year:

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