Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gift giving guide for kids!

I might be the only who feels this way...I have a feeling I am not...but I am sharing with you my overwhelming thoughts about gift giving for birthdays, Christmas, or just because occasions.  I am overwhelmed.  At this moment...very...very overwhelmed.  I don't know if has to do with Weston just having a birthday or the kids starting to open early Christmas presents from relatives but I am as I mentioned already...overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed.

We have too much stuff.  The kids don't understand.  They don't understand at all.  Of course they want more things...more gadgets...more toys...more stuff of any sort.  When people ask...if they do...what the kids want...I usually say nothing.  But people never listen.  The stuff just flows in like honey.  It is overwhelming. 

We will have a break from school at the end of the year...and I am going to do some major pitching out and donating...major.  I have already gotten rid of a lot of stuff...but more has got to go.

So here is a gift giving guide for this upcoming holiday season.  I am sure it already too late...

1.  Ask the parents what their child "needs"...not wants.  There may be certain items that the child is in "need" of.  The child may not always know.  If you ask my girls what they want...they are going to say something for their American Girl dolls....to add to their other million American girl items. 

2.  Consider gift certificates or memberships.  Maybe the person's town has a fun amusement place...get them a gift certificate so the whole family can enjoy a night out.   Maybe there is a museum or zoo in town.  That is a gift that can last all year.  I don't know about everyone else's museum/zoos but you can get the best membership rates before the new year hits.  For us to take advantage of the deals that is almost $400 of out of pocket expenses right before the new year...it is...the word of the day...overwhelming to think of...but I hate to miss out on the discounts before the rates go up.

3.   If you do want to buy something like a toy or fun thing...consult the parent.  I can not tell you how many times we have gotten a duplicate toy, game, trinket.

4.  Maybe they need restocking in certain areas-- more age appropriate games, art supplies, paper, etc.

5.  Put yourself in the parents shoes.  If you were the child's mom/dad would you want that item in your house?  Does it make a lot of noise?   Is it age appropriate? 

6.  Don't feel like you have to do anything big.  Seriously.  A card to say...Happy Birthday is sufficient.  A dollar bill.  A phone call on an occasion.  The little things are just fine.   

and proof....of my overwhelming state...can you believe this was clean over the weekend?  Come throw up with me now.... CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO PURGE....the toys and trinkets.

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