Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I fell in love...

Have you ever fallen in love with a line of clothing...that you want to seriously purchase the entire collection? 

I was given the opportunity to become an Ellie Ambassador.  Ellie is known for their fashion forward fitness apparel.  Each month they feature limited edition collections so women can always stay on trend.  Ellie apparel is made to compliment any part of your workout routine.  They have a range of fabrics that are moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, UV protected, and breathable.

As part of the Ambassador program, I was able to pick out an outfit to review.  It took me quiet a long time to decide what to get, because there were so many choices.  Everything was so cute!  I decided to go with a different type of outfit that I am not currently used to.  I tend to be pretty boring with my workout gear, because I really didn't know where else to go...but now I do!
 My first selection was the peak-a-boo tank in black.  I ordered size large.  I probably would have been fine with a medium, but my large will be just fine.  I loved this tank because I do not feel comfortable working out in just a sports bra.  This tank will provide the extra coverage for me in the frontal area, however it lets the air flow through so I won't get as hot and sweaty. 
I absolutely LOVE the back.  LOVE!  Ellie has so many fun pieces just like this where they have cuts in "not" so normal places.  LOVE this!
The fabric is so light and airy.  You can hardly tell you are wearing a shirt over your sports bra!  My next purchase from Ellie will be a sports bra...the one in the pic is a cheapo one that will not last!

For my pants, I had to decide if I wanted to try a running skirt, shorts, capris.  Decisions, decisions.  I have heard great things about workout capris, but have never gone over to the wild side to try them out for myself.  So I decided to try out the Electric Capris.  I loved how the color was such a vibrant turquoise!  The detail was also very fun!
I ordered size large as well.  When I received them, the first thing I thought was oh no, these aren't going to fit me.  But once I started putting them on, I realized they have a really nice stretch and I can hardly tell these are on.  So basically with this outfit I feel like I am naked...just kidding on that...but really they are not tight on me at all.  Very, very breathable fabric!  I also really love the waistband.  Not too snug!

Do you want to try out Ellie for yourself!  As an Ellie Ambassador I have the privilege of offering my readers and friends a 20% discount to Ellie!  All you have to do is click the following link to start saving away!  Please use this link, because as an ambassador I will receive credit for your purchase.  I am warning you will have a tough, tough, choice ahead!  If choosing one outfit is too hard, you can also sign up for the Fit Fashionista Club so you can discover a new outfit each month!

Ellie's Newest Collection is almost here!!
Bon Voyage was inspired by exotic beach destinations.
This collection will motivate you to get that perfect beach bod for your favorite summer getaway!
You can view the quick 45 second video below!

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 Let me know what your favorites are!! 

**I did not get paid to endorse Ellie.  All opinions are of my own.  I received 1 free outfit as part of the Ambassador program.  In exchange I will promote their product!**

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