Friday, August 30, 2013

Second week of school...check!

I have friends who keep asking me what we are doing in answer to their question is usually, not much.  This house selling thing is a little more than I can stand.  Most days I just want to sit here and cry at how overwhelming this ordeal is.  But I don't and instead I put on my big girl panties and move on.  I finally got our house clean and in showable condition.  My husband has a few things to do in the yard and needs to take care of his "man" stuff.  We also have to get a contractor out to get a job done...but other than that, it is a waiting game.  We met with a realtor last night and hopefully it will officially be on the market next week!  She is working on getting comps, so we can get an accurate list price.  I just know if we can get some people in hear, they will fall in love with our home.  Please, please, please pray this transition goes smoothly and we can find a buyer fast!  Sean starts his new job on Tuesday and will commute while he can.  No we don't have another house near Grand Island waiting in the wings...sell first...then buy. 

So a recap of what we did this week in school...not much.  My focus with the girls have been Math and Spelling.  I threw in some Bible, Science, and Writing also.  They really like the new notebooking thing that we are doing and I will share about that at another time.  Easton has continued to learn how to read beginner words.  His attention span is pretty short, so we are doing as much as we can before he gets distracted.  He likes playing games the best over sitting and reading.

Here are a few pictures from our week:

I made little flashcards with Easton's new words.  I called them out and he had to run across the room and put them in a different location.  I gave him 2 minutes to get all of the words right.  It was kind of like a Price is Right game.  I would ding if he got it right.  He enjoyed that game.
I saw this idea on pinterest.  I saved bottle caps and put the letters on it.  I then called out his words and spelled them with the lids.
The boys both played a phonics game on the Ipad
Jocelyn practiced cursive
Since the girls are doing the same spelling this year, they can play games against each other.  Pretty tense!

We had a little play dough fun!  Jocelyn is pretty creative...she made a cake here!

Apples!  Tis the season!!  We have an apple tree out front...don't ask what kind.  I have no clue.  We made several apple recipes...carmel apple crisp and strawberry apple sauce were the kids favorite!
To make applesauce...we peel the apples, slice them, put them in a cover pan on medium heat with just a little bit of water.  After 15 mins we toss them into the blender.  Puree them.  Add sugar and strawberries and whoola!!! Easy peasy!

We are still out enjoying outside activities!  We went to the sprayground and beach this week!

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