Friday, October 4, 2013

Road trip of a lifetime part 2: Maid of the Mist!!

If you have missed the first two days of our road trip of a lifetime part 2 you can click: HERE and HERE!


After we departed ways with my parents and boys we headed on over to the Canadian side. The guy at the customs booth (or whatever you call it) asked us a million questions. Katelyn almost cried when he asked her what her name was. Good grief, one place not to cry is when you are trying to enter another country without both of your parents...the guy was a bit scary with shades and all, but seriously. Anyways, we made it through and checked into our hotel at the Skyline Inn.


The girls and I left my sister for a bit and headed over to the Maid of the Mist. I didn't quite know what to expect except we would be wearing blue rain jackets and we would get wet.



On the boat...waiting for our journey to begin!

Oh my word! If you head up to Niagara Falls this is a must! It was a bit pricey, but this is something I will never forget. I would't recommend taking little ones, but Katelyn seemed like the right age at 6. The wind gusts are so strong and the blasts from the falls could really scare anyone younger.


The boat first takes a trip in front of the main falls. We saw quiet a few rainbows and this was by far the best way to snap photos of the entire falls. We then headed to the horse shoe falls. Niagara Falls isn't just one big waterfall, there are actually two falls. The other has been named horseshoe because of its shape. The boat took us right up close and just parked for a bit. Oh my word, very windy and very wet. People had their really good cameras out during this time...crazy people. I thought ahead and put my phone in a special water case.

Bridge connecting the USA to Canada!


I tried to shoot a little video here:


Stay tuned for Monday's post as we visit a quirky little street in Canada!!


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