Thursday, October 3, 2013

Road trip of a lifetime part 2: Niagara Falls

Yesterday I shared a few pictures from the first day of our road trip of a lifetime part 2. You can check it out: HERE!

It took us a full 2 days of driving to reach Niagara Falls. My sister drove up from Washington DC so she could enjoy the falls with us. The first night after the kids were in bed we headed out for a wild and crazy night on the town. Well ok, not so crazy, but we were able to visit the falls at night. It was hard to capture pictures in the dark with my phone...forgot our real camera at home!! But the falls were beautiful at night. They have colored spotlights shining on them from the Canadian side.


The next day we headed out with the rest of the group. If you have never been, Niagara Falls is a spectacular site. We could have spent all day just staring at this awesome beauty. If you have a checklist of places you would like to visit...this should definitely be on your list.


After getting our first glimpse of the falls, we then paid a $1.00 to walk down to the side of the falls. With this fee you can also view them from a private observation deck. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks...a bit too much. It was a bit dangerous, slippery, and wet, but we all survived!

Here is a short video from the bottom of the falls:


After visiting the falls, we headed on over to the Hard Rock cafe for lunch and shopped for some rinky dink souvenirs. My parents then headed on back to the RV with the boys so the girls, my sister, and I could start our girls day out!


Stay tuned for tomorrows posting on our Maid of the Mist adventure!



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