Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall photos and random thoughts!

I would love to be showing you some "professional" fall photos, but the thought of coordinating time/weather/outfits/and crazy boys....just stresses me out!  So we journeyed out and landed on our front porch.  Sorry no photos of Sean and I...so major boo for updating photos on the wall!  The boys=not very cooperative.  Here they are!

Other randoms...

~~Unpacking is oh so fun!  We are probably about 90% unpacked.  Our basement bedroom is still a nightmare.  It will be a while before we can park in our garage.  But it is slowly coming along!  I pretty much just have 1 1/2 rooms in the house to put together.

~~The kids are adjusting.  The girls have made a few new little friends in the neighborhood, through PE class, and Co-op.  So they are doing ok.  They are still not thrilled that we moved, but I am sure they will slowly adapt a bit more as we meet more people.

~~Why is furniture sooooo expensive?  I have been on a manhunt for a new chest of drawers for the girls room...preferably white.  You can either buy something that will last 2 months for a lot of money or something that will last a bit longer for twice as much.  I am missing the built in's in their old closet.  No where to put pants and jeans right now, so it is a bit crazy in the girls' rooms.

~~I wrote last month that I hated potty training.  Still do.  Weston has no interest in participating.  None.  I am not too stressed about it, but he is going to be 3 soon, so I feel like I need to try a little harder.  But since he has no interest....it is not fun!

~~I started a new t25 workout program.  I am super sore.  Super.  I can barely move right now...which probably doesn't help in the unpacking department.

~~We never have, but we are handing out candy on Thursday night....in hopes to meet neighbors.  Not sure if it will happen, but we are trying.  So if you are in the area, stop on by.  I think I over did it and bought around a million pieces of candy.  We don't do Halloween, so this is really confusing the kiddos...so we have had some explaining to do.

~~I haven't gotten my mojo back for cooking and baking.  I know it will show up some day. It could be that our cabinets are pretty bare in the food department, so I made an official grocery list and am determined to start cooking real meals for the family.  Even though Sean is back on his chicken and pasta diet, so that doesn't help...but helps a bit I guess that I don't have to go overboard.  Thank goodness for the 2 people from Sean's work that have brought meals by!! 

~~We started back school yesterday at our new house.  In full swing...thank goodness for a semi-routine.

and last...we got library cards for the Grand Island Library.  I just have to say, that it is just about the best library I have been to in a long time.  Has Lincoln beat by a million points.  It didn't help that the librarian said that is all that Grand Island has to offer.  I am determined to prove her wrong!!

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