Monday, January 27, 2014

A little bit of randomness...

~~We are entering into a whole new world of craziness. I am slightly excited...only because the kids are excited. We start soccer tomorrow and all 4 kids are playing. Yikes. The three younger ones start tomorrow and Jocelyn will start on Thursday. Trying to manage 3 different team games and practices...let's just say that is our entire week. We were not able to play sports when we lived outside of Lincoln because of logistical reasons so we shall see how this new adventure goes.~~

~~I turned 35 last week. My birthday was kind of ho-hum. As I get older they kind of lose the excitement factor. Sean and the kids picked out some pretty sweet gifts for me this year and we went out for dinner over the weekend. The girls made me a crunchy sprinkle cake. I loved getting facebook messages from friends and family. I know that is really lame, but when it is frigidly cold outside and no plans for the day, it kept my day going. Next year my plan is to celebrate big so I enjoy the day. Sunshine is my goal.~~

~~I think something is wrong with our dog. Please pray for her. Her mind may be going. She is only six years old. When I call for our cat Tiger....she ALWAYS perks up and comes to me. She has forgotten who she is...I hope things don't get worse.~~

~~I took a few months off from running and I am slowly getting back at it. We have a Y 5 minutes I can go run there during Seans lunch break. We also have a trail a block away!! I am signed up for three races this year. I have several goals but my main one is to shave at least a minute (preferably more) to my half marathon time. I was extremely slow last year...only walked one time up a hill...but still slow. I have increased my iron intake so hopefully that will help. I am pretty maybe that is correlated with my slowness. We shall see.~~

~~I really like it here...we have hit the 3 month mark already! I love that Sean really, really likes what he does. As I type this he is watching a show on the sportsman channel...and keeps saying oh there is xxx from work and there is xxx from work.~~

~~That is times I know:)~~

Oh and if you missed my last Thirty-One party ends tomorrow....January 28th...there are also a lot of nclaimed giveaways. If you lost your invite on facebook...let me know.


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