Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celebrating my 35th birthday with Thirty-One!!

This is my BiRtHdAy week....so I can not think of a better way to celebrate me turning 35 but to have a party!!  My friends and family are scattered all around the United States...so having a party where we physically all come together is quiet impossible. 

My friend Kendra approached me a few weeks ago about the idea of having a Facebook party!  Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with friends and family who we no longer live close to...or have never lived close to!  So I thought about it for a few days and thought...hey...what a great way to celebrate! 

So what kind of Facebook party am I having?  There will not be drinks or any cake served.  So I know...bummer...BUT there will be giveaways!!!  We all love FREE things right?!! 

Ever heard of Thirty-One Gifts??  Kendra first introduced my MOPS group to Thirty-One Gifts three years ago.  She was just starting off in the business and was one of the first reps in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Today Kendra is a rock-star in the Thirty-One arena and has moved up to an Executive Director position. 

What I LOVE about this business is that it is a Christian based organization (Proverbs 31 ring a bell?)  I also LOVE how each year they come out with great new products and awesome new prints!  From bags, to purses, to wallets, to home organizational products, to personalized stationary....Thirty-One Gifts has a wide variety of items that cater to all different tastes. 

I am going to share with you, how I have used Thirty-One in my own home...and I do believe that I bring a Thirty-One bag with me just about anywhere we go.

Here is a little peak of a few of the products that I own so far-- minus 3 things. 
**Please note that some of these products were purchased 3 years ago, so the patterns may not be available and the product may have been discontinued...but trust me...there are so many versatile new things since I first started buying away!**

I have A LOT of favorites but these three bags have by far been the most useful for our family.  I started off with one...and my husband said to me one day....the sweetest words any wife wants to hear..."Hey we need like two more of these things."  I argued with him and totally disagreed....only joking.  I obeyed my husband like any good wife should and ordered two more!  These are the large utility totes.  They fit perfectly in the trunk of our mini-van.  We use them when we go on vacations, to SAM's club (since they don't have bags), to the lake etc..  Most weekends I have at least one filled to the brim in my trunk!

My next favorite is just an everyday type of bag: the organizing utility tote.  I take this church every weekend to keep our miscellaneous things in.  Bibles, snacks, extra clothes etc.  Wealso use this as our library bag.  I keep our co-op supplies in here when we are in session.  This is my go to back when I am not toting around a lot of things.

My Super Organizing Tote is something that I use for going to the pool.  I used to use my large utility tote, but I didn't like that there wasn't a zipper and the kids felt like my bag was a free for all, so I love that this bag is big, deep, and has a zipper.  There are also 7 side pockets to put swimming extras in like lotions, sunglasses, goggles, and toys.  It is also enough to fit several towels and swimsuits!

This keep-it caddy is a smaller tote, but has been great for the girls to keep their crazy loom supplies in.  

We go on A LOT of picnics through out the course of the year.  My picnic thermal fits at least five lunch containers plus lots of extras.  It has a thermal lining so it keeps our food nice and cold.  There is also a front pocket to store napkins and utensils.  It also is a great go to bag for throwing up kids if you don't have a bowl handy in the car...doesn't leak and is easy to clean up! I am not thinking they want their bag to be marketed like that...but true story.
To go along with my picnic thermal is the About Town Blanket.  I just purchased this last month...so I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to have my kiddos try it out.  It folds up easily and then whoola we have a blanket to sit on for picnics.  There is also a nice little pocket to store things in!

This is also a newer purchase...so we haven't filled it up quiet yet, but I love my hang-up home organizer.  I store our emergency numbers, coupons, mail, my workout calendar...and I am sure I will find more junk to put in this handy little thing. 

I have two of these littles carry-all caddies.  I won one from Kendra!! Woot!  I am boring so I just store kleenex boxes in them.  I keep one in the car, so the box doesn't get smushed.

Last, but not least is this cute little wristlet.  I used it for the first time in Vegas.  I can keep my phone. money, and credit cards in it...and don't have to worry about carrying a purse everywhere.  This will be really handy when pool season starts back up!

So how can you snag some of your own Thirty-One products?  I am going to invite all of my women facebook friends to the party.  No offense against my male friends...if you would like an invite I will send you one.  If we are not facebook friends...please send me a request and I will invite you!  Kendra will have some great contests and giveaways.  You can win by participating in her giveaways.  Those who order as part of this party are eligible to win!  You have until now and January 28th at noon CST to place an order!  The new spring line has just come out...and there are some great new items now available!!

There are also some awesome monthly specials going on....these deals are great! (below)
If you want to take a little peak at the catalog you can click:  HERE!

Ready, set, go...let's celebrate me turning 35 with Thirty-One!!!!


If you can't find me on facebook...send me an e-mail and we can work on finding each other!


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