Thursday, January 30, 2014

One word...behind.

When discussing the world of education..that word...behind...drives me crazy. If I ever say that word to you when we are having an in-person conversation about have my permission to just smack me.

Our cat is behind in reading so Jocelyn is teaching him...only joking!

Let's think about this word behind. I hear it all of the time...we are behind in school. My little girl is behind in Math. My son is behind in reading. My teenager is behind in 9th grade. Behind who? Of course if we put together apples and apples yes someone could be behind in a sense...but does this matter? According to whose standards are they truly behind? Is their some golden rule that someone needs to follow and if not they will get in trouble by the educational trackers.

Who is to determine that a person should be doing XYZ by a certain age? Should we compare our kids next to what our neighbor is doing or kids at the very same age of our own kids?

What if my son or daughter has no interest in reading and simply won't read until they are age 7. Age 10. Age 12. At what point are they behind?

What if my son or daughter doesn't learn the 50 states by the age of what point are they behind?

I guess I am the type of person that doesn't care about peer pressure. I don't care if my child isn't excelling at a faster rate that the kid next door.

All children learn at their own rate. If a parent is home educating their kids....then it is ok to cover things at a different grade than a different family...or better yet not even cover the same things!

So to all my mama friends out there that are homeschooling their kiddos or have kids in public schools...stop comparing your kids with others. Stop driving yourself crazy. Your kids are not behind....they are working at their own pace:). A pace that is just right for them! Breathe.



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