Monday, January 6, 2014

Announcing another writer in the fam!:)

My mom was pretty much forced to resign from teaching two years ago this month.  She was not prepared to quit her job...a stroke that damaged her eye sight pretty much sealed the deal for her. Her vision is limited to a pin hole out of one of her eyes. She can no longer drive, so getting places and staying entertained is a bit tricky.    She really, really wants to get back to working...however my dad isn't the most excited about that.  She has no way of getting to a workplace and they do not live near a bus line.  I think my dad just enjoys the life of retirement and being able to travel whenever and wherever they want to go.

So what I am trying to say mom is bored.  She tries to stay busy by exercising, watching her Dr. Oz show, cooking, cleaning, and listening to books.  She takes her dogs for lots of walks.  She has tried to take up many hobbies, but since her eye sight is has been quiet tricky learning something new.

 So why not write?  She claims it is good brain therapy.  I totally get it...squinting at small words on a computer screen and trying to find keys on a keyboard...totally.

Last week she asked me to help set up a blog for her and tada her blog is born!  Please check it out!  She is a much better writer than I am...probably because she has more time on her hands...and I really don't edit my work....ever. 

So add her link to your blogroll...and get caught up on reading her last 4 blog posts!
(click on picture below for the link)

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