Friday, January 17, 2014

A week away from everyday craziness:)

I am on my way from Las Vegas right now....and I can't wait to hug and kiss my babies. I always look forward fo breaks from the chaos of our everyday lives. This vacation was a bit more unusual than what I am used to. Not unusual in a bad way. I am used to vacationing with Sean. Sean was not on vacation this time he was busy all week in meetings and I just hung out with a friend most of the time. We knew it would be like this since it is his first year in this industry.

I have been selling stuff for the past three months so I would have some fun money to spend. So we treated ourselves to a day at a spa and got massages. It was fabulous....I could have spent everyday there.

We shopped at an outlet mall and I took a nap at the pool one afternoon.

We had pedicures.

I walked the strip.

A selfie of me:)
Paris hotel
Me in front of the NY NY hotel
Part of the strip
This attraction is going to be open in 2014...the little pods on the ferris wheel are bars and hold up to 20 people
The gondolas at the Venetian
The pool at the Pallazo

I took a few naps and slepted in.

We ate A LOT of food. I am sure I gained around 100 lbs.

I spent my personal limit of $10 on the slots. I ended up winning that back and $14 extra.

We saw some very interesting people. I have been to Vegas three times now and it seems like the crowds keep getting crazier. Not sure why anyone would even consider bringing a child down to the main strip.

After hanging out with Sean's work friends...I have to say I completly understand why he really, really likes his job. Such a fun group to hang out with. They all truly love their jobs and I am thankful that Sean is part of this great organization.

Thank you mom and dad for keeping the kiddos for us! I know it is an exhausting task!!


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