Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I can do this!

If you have been following my blog or have been a friend for the past two know that I like to run.  Jogging slowly is really more like it.  I was slow.  But hey this quote describes perfectly how I feel:

I read about running.  I talked about running with friends.  I studied running.  I just didn't work hard enough to become a fast runner.  Granted I did reach my milestones of running 1mile in 10 minutes.  I did run my first 1/2 marathon.  I didn't die doing it, like I fully anticipated would happen.  Couldn't walk up stairs for a few days...but I recovered.  I injured my knee this past fall and had to take some time off to let that heal.  But guess what!!!! I am back at it and in full force.

I have been "training" for my upcoming May 4th half marathon since the end of October.  I had read about it and knew I needed to do it, but never really got around to actually doing it--- I need to build my strength.  I am a wimp...when it comes to wimpiness.  I was by no means strong in any way shape or form.  So I worked out for 3 least 6 days a week on strength training.  I honestly can say all that hard work of getting up early every morning paid off.  I feel stronger!

Then my running part of my training started at the beginning of February.  Last year I had to run the rolling gravel roads in Pleasant Dale.  It was not fun. Going to the YMCA was a big chore with 4 kiddos in tow...but I did it as much as I could.  My husband traveled quiet a bit and I bruised my leg really bad.   I know excuses, excuses....I was full of them.  I know I didn't train up to my full potential and basically felt like I winged my first half marathon.  I did hit my 3 hour goal mark...woo hoo!  But deep down I knew I could do better.

Now that we have moved and a Y is now 5 minutes away, I am fully confident that my training will lead to a better race.  I have been either waking up extremely early (in my books) or going during my husband's lunch break.  I have grown to actually like running on the treadmill....a lot.  I know weird, but I really do like it.  I don't have to take the kids and spend time checking them in and out of the day care.  I have stuck to my training calendar...and look forward to the next days workout.  I am actually running faster than ever before!

Another duh moment...that I knew about, but once again never did anything about, was my iron levels.  I have always been anemic, as long as I could remember.  But I strongly dislike taking vitamins...I would just forget.  I surely didn't eat enough iron rich foods.  But after an insurance wellness check...and my iron levels coming back low...I have taken action.  I am now on a super dose of iron and drink iron rich juice every day.  I truly think the extra iron is helping me as well.

So barring any injuries....I am pumped and can't wait to see how fast I can run this year!!

Oh-- and if anyone wants to run with me and a few friends in the Race for is 1/2 way through my training!  You can run either a 2 mile or a 6.2 mile race.  I am doing the 6.2 miler.  I rarely give to charities because you never know where the money is really going to, but this is a local charity that raises money to help families that are undergoing cancer treatments here by providing transportation, food, utilities etc. 
You can click on the link below:

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