Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our trip to China!

Ni hao from China! I didn't feel like I should be teaching my kids about China...my husband is much more qualified since he has been there a bazillion times. BUT the great thing about homeschooling is I just learn right along with the kids and if they have a question I can not answer we dig into it together!

We started our country unit study this month and the girls are loving it. I bought my curriculum, Expedition Earth, from Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. So far we love it!

We started off by making our passports. Each girl has their own passport and we "stamp" it by glueing the countries flag in the proper area. We then write the date when we start the unit and another date when we are finished.

We spent several days "visiting" the country and learning what it has to offer. You tube and books from the library have been great sources for us!

There are quiet a few projects that we did together.

The girls made pretend postcards, as if they were visiting and sending them to a friend....the picked me! How sweet:)

They made fans.

and lanterns.

We made paper together. Kind of silly making paper from paper. But we had fun!

First we ripped up newspaper into tiny squares and filled our blender. We then filled the blender with water and blended away until it was pulpy.

We then filled up a large tote with a few inches if water and then dumped our pulp mixture in it.

Next we used a screen (bought from Home Depot) and brought the pulp up and onto the screen until it was flat with no holes. This took a bit of time, but we did it!

We then let the pulp drip dry on the screen for about an hour while we ate lunch.

After it stopped dripping we laid a felt blanket (I used fabric scraps) on the table and then carefully flipped our screen so our pulp mixture was flat on the blanket. We laid another blanket over this and then a towel and rolled the paper flat with a rolling pin.

We let it dry for a few days and then whoola we had paper!

They then painted Ni hao (hello in Chinese) on their new pieces of paper!

Next stop...South Korea...so stay tuned!


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