Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moving on....

Over the past few months we tried out a new thing The kids took a soccer clinic last fall and they all rallied together wanting to give soccer a try. We are not a sporty family. I don't know if we ever will be and that is totally fine with me. We decided to sign all four kiddos up, because it would be something fun to do when playing outside was not an option. This was an indoor league and all in one facility so I could handle it...unlike in our past city you could be practicing and playing games all over town. That just was not logistically possible for us.

It was a long few months. Maybe I just need some warm-up seasons to get into this whole sports thing. Our nights Tuesday-Fridays consisted of eating dinner and leaving before Sean/dad got home from work and then coming home and the kids giving Sean a quick kiss and hello before they went to bed. I hated that they didn't get to see him much during the season. Thank goodness for weekends! No practices and no games!

We had our final night of games last night...woohoo!!!

Here are a few pics of our munchkins first season!




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