Tuesday, April 1, 2014

7 Things to Teach your Daughters!

Yesterday I shared with you my first workshop review from the Nebraska Christian Home Educators Conference. If you missed it...check it out: HERE!

I told you that I really enjoyed hearing from Todd Wilson from the www.familymanweb.com...and once again I am reviewing another workshop from him. The cartoons in this blog post are his as well.

This one was about daughters so I knew it was just for me since we have two. The title of the workshop said he would share with us 10 things to teach our daughters...he only got to 7 and the time ran out!! I was a bit bummed that I wasn't able to complete the list so....the last 3 are a mystery to me...so hopefully I won't be a complete failure when raising my girls!

Here is the list:

1. Teach your daughters to love their future husbands.

Pretty much self explanatory. We should model by example, because it doesn't come naturally. Do our daughters constantly hear us nagging to our husbands? Do we put our husbands down in front of them or others? Are we letting our husband lead like the Bible tells us to do...or are we taking over that role? Some things to ponder and think about.

Our daughters ARE watching us. Can they see that we love our husbands.

2. Teach our daughters how to love their future children.

Teach them by loving them now. Don't just like them and tolerate them. LOVE them. Now.

Tomorrow could be too late.

If you are doing one thing right...just smile at them. Do they always see you grumpy and complaining that they are bothering you? In the way? A burden? Hopefully not.

3. Teach them how to offer forgiveness.

Do we hold grudges? Are we never able to forgive?

4. Teach them how to control your passions.

Taking a break...it is ok. He gave an example of his sister-in-law who is always homeschooling....I am not talking about teaching kids daily life skills, but having them dive into curriculum and is at it all of the time...it is ok to take a break...and know when to take one.

What are your passions? Working out. Writing. Cleaning. Something artistic. Cooking. Know how to control them so your daughters can also do the same.

5. Teach them how to be beautiful.

The whole world is out there teaching them how they should look...magazines, televisions shows, movies etc. You should be the one. Fix yourself up for your husband. If you don't have anywhere to go for the day it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of wearing sweats and throwing your hair in a pony tail. Think about what your husband thinks....and what your daughters are seeing.

6. Teach them how to be pure.

DADS are the key. Daughters have the need for a fathers touch....if they don't get this from their dads...guess where they are going to go seek it from? The first random guy that comes along...and it might not be pretty. In todays world a girl (and guy) typically feel out of place if they don't fornicate with someone before they get married. This shouldn't be. We have to teach them at home the importance of staying pure.

7. Teach them how to love their homes.

Show them how to take care of their home...and take pride in it. Don't grumble and mumble about daily tasks that need to get done to keep your house orderly.

Most importantly--- ENJOY YOUR KIDS!

I am not here to pursuade you to homeschool...that is something your family needs to decide...but when I tell new people that we homeschool...I never ask...hey why don't you...never. But they usually feel the need to respond with why they could never homeschool....about 99.9% of the time their response is..."I could never homeschool because my kid(s) would drive me nuts." That just breaks my heart. Yes my kids drive me nuts at times. But in a blink of an eye they will be grown up and gone from our home. Now is the time to enjoy them...before they move on and have their own life. Whether you homeschool or your kids are in a public school setting, enjoy and savor the time you do have with them...now.

****Boo....not sure what the last 3 are....if anyone out there bought the CD that he was selling at his booth...not the one that the conference recorded...let me know what the last 3 are!!! Thanks!!****


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