Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ag day 2014!

We live in a state where the agriculture industry is big business. Our homeschool group was invited to attend the Ag day at a local events center so we jumped on this opportunity. The event is typically for 4th graders, however they accept homeschoolers of any age to attend.

Our kids have never lived on a farm. The only exposure they have had is when we go down to Missouri and visit family. So hopefully they learned a bit more about what our family does down south and what local farmers do.

They learned about how to care for a horse and how to rope.

We saw a demonstration on how to take a horse shoe on and off...and how to trim a horses nails.

We watched a sheep get shaved and learned why they do this.

We learned about different animals including dairy and beef cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep.

We learned about chicken eggs.

We learned about different critters!

We learned about what products contain beef. Did you know that things such as glue and deoderant...contains beef by products? Who knew?

We learned about looming!

We learned what you can do with corn...besides eat it!

Such a fun afternoon learning new things!!


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