Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Randoms...

Is anyone else really, really excited that we have had at least a few consecutive days where the kiddos could play outside?!  I am really hoping this streak continues!  The grass is turning green, the buds are sprouting on the trees and plants, my nose is running non-stop!  Yay!

My kids love playing outside.  We have nothing fun in our backyard yet.  We are hoping to put a swingset up sometime before the kids get too old.  So instead they have to use their imagination and come up with fun games to play like hanging their jackets in our trees...because you know we need flags in our backyard.   Our three year olds imagination includes drawing with chalk all over the house, our cars, boats, and himself.  Lovliness.

We have definitely added a bit of craziness and loudness to the neighborhood.  I was a block over last night doing sprints on a bike path and the entire time, I could hear our kids very clearly screaming in the backyard.  A good screaming, but good grief, I kind of feel bad for our neighbors. 


Everyone is coming out of hibernation, so that is nice.  Yesterday afternoon a neighbor a street over had a backyard get together.  The kids were invited, so it was nice to finally meet some more people from the neighborhood. 

Everyone knows where we live.  It could be because of our noisy kids...or that everyone really liked the people that lived here before and miss them dearly.  It is probably both.  Apparently everyone and their brother knew the former owners of our house.  One of these days we will make a name for ourselves and it will become the McGee house.

12 days and counting until my half marathon!!  I am super excited and as always, I hope I make it alive to the finish line.  My goal is to shave at the minimum 10 minutes off of my last years time. Ideally I would like to shave 13 minutes which means I ran a full minute faster per mile this year.  I am running the race with a friend this year, so hopefully she can keep me going....or I can keep her going.  Not sure which yet.


I have been battling kidney stones these past few weeks.  I am just going to choose to ignore them for the time being.  Everyone has given me all sorts of remedies and how I can help them pass more quickly.  Drinking water...and lots of it, is what I am choosing to do.   I have tried drinking a little lemon water as well.  I have one lodged right now somewhere that I swear I can feel at times.  I am hoping my running will unlodge it.  I see a urologist after my half marathon to see if anything needs to be done.  I guess both of my kidneys have several. 


We made it through another "holiday" weekend.  We don't really celebrate Easter or do the Easter bunny or anything.  We did take the kids to a egg hunt at the church they go to on Wednesday nights.  I was thinking they would say ok...get five eggs and call it good.  Well apparently it is a free for all and I believe my kids came home with approximately 1,000 pieces of candy.  Not fun.

It still boggles my mind why a church would have an egg hunt.  What does eggs have to do with Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins and the rising again?  Not sure.  I think the message that is shared around the Easter holiday is extremely important.  A lot of the facts get a bit screwy and the timeline is off a bit in most stories and when days line up...but what the Bible says about Christs death, burial, and resurrection is extremely important.  I just don't get why we have to remember it on one specific weekend and the weeks leading up to this specific weekend?  Why can't we remember it every day....because of the extreme importance of the message?  Next week...I will still have a Savior who died for me...for my sins.  I did nothing.  He did it all.  He rose again on the third day.  All for me.  I did nothing...except for believing that he did all this...for me. In return I will have eternal life.
Our munchkins after church
Me and my love!  Can you believe we will be married 10 years this June?!
The kiddos with my mom!  Love her!

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