Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raising Dangerous Sons!

If you have missed my last two blog posts...go check them out.  I am working on summarizing the workshops that I attended at this years Nebraska Christian Home Educators conference.  My posts are NOT just for homeschooling families.  In fact the last one was specifically for those with is about our boys!

This workshop was from Todd Wilson...again!  (This won't be my last summary from his.)  You can check him out on Facebook and over on his blog at  He was full of stories about his life with 8 kiddos.  Such a good speaker! 

The topic of this talk was Raising Dangerous Sons!  Sounds kind of scary.  I almost didn't want to even go listen to this one based on the title.  Do I want to have a dangerous son?  Well his way of thinking I do.  He isn't talking about raising someone who will go out and cause trouble and kill here it goes the list of how to Raise Dangerous Sons!

Cartoon by Todd Wilson
1.  Teach them how to trust God dangerously.

By our own example.  Do we trust God for everything that we do....or worry about things that are not under our control? 

Get them in the Bible.  Reading it.  Studying it.  Live it. 
Nothing else matters if they don't read and know the Bible.
Don't let them wait until they are off on their own.  Most likely it will be too late.

2.  Teach them how to love dangerously.

With no strings attached.  Show how you love your spouse unconditionally.  Don't have the if he/she does this then I will love him.

3.  Teach your sons how to ask for your forgiveness.

Take problems to the end.  Don't just let things hang out there forever.  Forgive and move on.

4.  Teach them how to sacrifice dangerously.

Teach them that they might have to sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others.

5.  Teach them how to lead dangerously.

Let your boys suffer and learn...don't always come to their rescue.  For example, if they have a flat tire...don't come running.  He will feel proud of himself if you let him figure out things on his own.  Let them learn from their own mistakes.

6.  Teach them how to work dangerously.

Work...not idleness is the key.  Put your boys to the yard, family business, maintaining the car.  Something.  Have them work.

7.  Prioritize dangerously.

God, spouse, children.......self.

Make your life show that family is important.  The most important thing to a to have a dad who is a dad...and is there.

Enjoy them while they are young.  Before you know it they will be out of your house and on their own...and maybe even teaching their own boys how to live dangerously.

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