Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Co-op 2014!

On Thursday was our last day of Spring Co-op! The kids and I all look forward to Thursday's because we see our friends and have so much fun learning new things. The kids are not the only one learning new things...I do too since I have to teach a class.

On Friday night we had our co-op program. The kids were able to present what they have learned this spring to everyone in attendance. My parents came out for the night and so did my hubs.

The kiddos with my mom before the program

Our kids were seperated into three different groups this semester, instead of just two last semester.

Waiting for the program to begin!

Jocelyn took a recorder class. She learned six different songs. I was surprised at how fast she caught on. She also took a states & capitals class. I was never required to learn my capitals growing of course I never did. So while we practiced at home, I learned them right along with her.

The boys, Easton and Weston, were in a preschool class. They focused on the book Ping and did several fun activities related to the book. They were also in an explorers class were they did many artsy type activities.

The boys grew grass!

Katelyn was in an American Girl class for both sessions. I taught the second hour of her class. She learned about what life would be like for a girl living as far back as 1774-World War 2. This class was so much fun! We made home made butter and ice cream. We also tried to do a craft each week.

Katelyn with the homemade butter in a jar!
We taught them how to sew by hand!
The girls with their homemade ice cream!
Kate enjoying her shortbread cookie and ice cream!

Below are videos from the program! (For those with a lot of free time on their hands.)

Can't wait for the fall session to start!


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