Friday, August 20, 2010

3 more months to go!

Three more months...I sure hope it goes fast. I have quiet a few friends that LOVE being pregnant. Unfortunately I am not in that category. Yes I like the thought of having kids, but being pregnant takes a toll on my body. I still say I don't feel like I ever recovered from having Easton. Rest. My prescription from my wonderful husband. I need to rest. I try. All of my kids still take naps and I was tempted to take my 5 year off the nap schedule, but right now I need my afternoon nap. The naps still leave me exhausted and tired afterwards, but help me rest my feet. I try to find times throughout the day to sit down and put my feet up, but with 3 little munchkins and one not able to take care of himself in any way, it is a bit hard. But I try. My pelvic bone feels like it is going to shatter and it is hard to sit and walk. My girls have been a big help, but they still need direction on things. I can't wait until September 11th rolls around. That is the last major scheduled thing that I have that will take a toll on my body...that I know of so far...
We are heading out of town early tomorrow morning (Saturday) to Las Vegas so please pray that I am able to rest a bit and not be on my feet the entire time. Thank goodness that my parents can watch the kids. We are also planning another trip to Missouri during Labor Day weekend. The long drive scares me this time as an hour drive to Omaha is a killer on my body. I know I whine too much (according to a loved one). Just can't wait for the 3 months to be over so I can maybe feel semi-normal.

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